Order Mothers Day Gifts Now With Toll Free

Mothers Day is getting close. But no worries about last minute gifts sent to your mother or grandmother in another region of the country if you act fast. There are thousands of companies that can get the order shipped immediately. Once you decide what to buy, your best best is to skip the on-line orders and call the company’s toll free telephone number and speak directly to a representative who will process the order asap. With an online order, your message could sit unattended for hours or even a day before any movement on the order occurs. Use the toll free telephone number and get that gift shipped now.


Delay in Releasing New Toll Free Area Codes Waste Time and Money

With demand of new toll free phone numbers high, but supplies low, telecommunications leaders are worried that this will create problems for United States businesses. The leading toll free service providers are reporting that 1-800 numbers are more in demand than ever before.
Yet, it still appears there are no immediate plans to release the reserved 855 pre-fixes.
While we wait for more supply, telecommunications experts advise anyone looking for a toll free number to obtain one now, before the supply runs even lower. Contact a reliable toll free service provider that has access to a large pool of available numbers.

Does CALEA provide the ability to allow law enforcement have to monitor phone calls?

Law enforcement agencies are, when warranted, able to tape the specifics of a conversation or to trace the origins of a call without either party on the call being aware of the surveillance. Under the provisions of CALEA, this applies to all telecommunications companies including VoIP—Voice Over Internet Protocol—services.

Communications over fiber optic systems are more difficult to tap and monitor. With fiber optic technology, picking up on transmissions can be more difficult.

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