Toll Free Could Save Lives This Month

May is national Skin Cancer Awareness month. The American Cancer Society encourages people to be sun safe when they are outside during the upcoming spring and summer months. For more information about how to be sun-safe, call the American Cancer Society toll free at 1-800-227-2345


Waiting For New Toll Free Area Codes?

With demand of new toll free phone numbers high, but supplies low, telecommunications leaders are worried that this will create problems for United States businesses. The leading toll free service providers are reporting that 1-800 numbers are more in demand than ever before.
Yet, it still appears there are no immediate plans to release the reserved 855 pre-fixes.
While we wait for more supply, telecommunications experts advise anyone looking for a toll free number to obtain one now, before the supply runs even lower. Contact a reliable toll free service provider that has access to a large pool of available numbers.

Online Traps: Toll Free Phone Number Hoarding

If the FCC discovers illegal hoarding, they immediately send out disconnect and suspend letters to the owner of the numbers. Additionally, the brokering of toll free numbers can result in hefty fines.

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