May Nears End. Still No Word on 855 Numbers

Here it is–May is winding down nd despite strong rumors that the 855 toll free telephone area code numbers–millions of combos–could be released this month, we still have heard nothing concrete. Further rumors suggested that these numbers were being tested. Still, we do not see them on the market yet nor have we heard a firm release date. When we do hear something–and we hope it is soon because our committees and experts agree it would help the telecommunications business–we will let you know.


Bill Copies Are Required for Porting Numbers

If you currently control your own 1-800 toll free phone number (or 888/877/866) and choose to transfer your toll free number to another company (also called ‘porting your number’) the company you are transferring it to will require a bill copy, but why?

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FCC Hone in on Illegal Sale of Toll Free Numbers

The FCC does not play a role in the assignment of numbers to subscribers. However they do set and regulate the guidelines under which 800 numbers can be used and obtained. According to the FCC, hoarding and warehousing numbers is prohibited and punishable with severe fines.

Along with hoarding, the outright sale of specific toll free numbers is likewise illegal. Some crafty entrepreneurs have attempted to skirt the regulations by “leasing” or “renting” numbers. But industry insiders say the crackdown on illegal use of toll free numbers is aimed at this practice too.

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