More On 855 Telephone Area Codes

We had heard rumors that the 855 numbers might be released this month. But so far, there is still no word about a decision to allow more toll free telephone area codes into the telecommunications marketplace. With the majority of existing numbers already taken, the need for new numbers is imminent. Numbers with the 855 (and 844 and so on..) area codes are being held in reserve for this specific purpose. It’s been a decade since new toll free phone numbers have been released for public use and demand grows every year. It’s time.


Using VoIP with your Toll Free Service

Unlike fiber optic service, VoIP service may be lost during power outages. Connections to faxes are often problematic as are calls for emergency services.

VoIP users may also find that some calls they wish to make just wont connect to the other party. Until these glitches are fixed, fiber optics is considered a superior option, particularly for toll free phone service. Business owners who subscribe for an 800 number are dependent on clear, reliable connections to their customers and cannot risk losing business on unstable VoIP systems.

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Rates Vary From Region to Region

Bell Canada recently announced it is increasing its rates for toll free service. This is an important reminder that subscribers should carefully shop around before signing on for toll free service. Rates and options can be vastly different and often the smaller carriers are less expensive and provide more personal service. The ability for every subscriber to transfer service is dissatisfied with prices and sound quality is key.