Allow 855 Into The System

The last time a new toll free telephone number was released, stock was limited, interest was growing and the economy was changing. The same situation is happening now and a new toll free area code, specifically the 855 numbers, would generate millions of new toll free possibilities for companies and for personal use throughout the United States and Canada. Discussions about the imminent release of 855 are abundant and we hope that the numbers are allowed into the system soon.


Toll-free Fax Numbers: Green Technology for Your Business

When choosing toll free service, subscribers can select from a menu of services—phone calls routed to land lines, faxes, emails etc. and a variety of other features that suit their needs and their budget. Once a number is assigned, it stays with the owner permanently. If a company grows or moves locations, the numbers goes with them, safeguarding the connection to all their customers.

Some service providers such as Qwest and Verizon allow fax messages to go straight to email. This convenience saves costly paper and immediately transports the message to the business owner or company representative. This type of service is good for customer relations, saves pricey paper fees, and saves the environment.

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Proposed Rationing Of Toll-free Phone Numbers Considered

The stock of available toll free numbers is now so depleted that insiders say government agencies may implement another rationing of the 800, 888, 877, and 866 pre-fixes within months. Rumors of a rationing program have subscribers scrambling to obtain numbers, creating an even more limited supply.

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