Primary Day Nationwide Today. Toll Free Lines Connect You To The Candidates

Today, Tuesday May 18 is Primary Election Day across the United States. Voters with questions or concerns can contact the candidates and their campaign staffs through toll free telephone numbers. In the past decade, toll free has become a standard part of campaigns for elected officials of all kinds in all states. .


The Issue of Toll Free Rationing

In the past few years, proposals to ration toll free numbers have been narrowly defeated. Yet, rumors are still swirling that a rationing program for the few remaining 800 numbers is imminent. Supplies of 800, 888, 877, and 866 numbers are so depleted that availability is at an all-time low. But some say rationing the numbers, as the federal government did in 1995, is not the answer and could have a negative impact on the business community.

Can You Really Use Toll-free 1(800)s As Home Phone Numbers?

Personal use of toll free phone service has skyrocketed in the past five years. Adults are now routinely providing elderly parents on a fixed income with an 800 number. Parents are hooking their kids up with toll free service so they can keep in constant communication. And experts say this trend is not a passing fancy. Toll free service for personal use is here to stay.

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