Toll-free Service Applications On the Rise

For several months now, industry insiders have been advising anyone looking for a toll free number to secure one immediately. The warnings are apparently sinking in– applications for 800 numbers are at an all-time high as subscribers try to obtain a number while there are still some remaining.

Making the situation worse, hopes that the new 855 numbers would soon be released have been dashed as insiders report the launch of the numbers may be held off until 2011. Meanwhile more than two-thirds of available numbers have been taken and millions of new numbers are being registered each year.

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Some Providers Maintain Good Stock Of Toll Free Numbers

Despite the nationwide shortage of toll free numbers, there are some carriers that can still provide subscribers with suitable 800 and vanity numbers for immediate ownership. This news may come as a relief to some business owners who have been finding it difficult to obtain a good toll free number. By researching different carriers, subscribers will find some that have ample stock, for now.