Medical Advice Via Toll Free Number

Medical questions nationwide can be answered with a new pharmacy toll free hotline. Another new way toll free numbers help businesses and consumers. Members of Rite Aid’s free wellness+ customer rewards program now can reach a pharmacist 24 hours per day. Wellness+ members benefits from the 24/7 toll-free phone access to a pharmacist by calling toll-free 1-800-RITEAID. (Great custom number) They will be asked for their wellness+ card number then connected to a pharmacist.


Don’t Fall for the Tricks of Number Brokers

As “public resources” that cannot be bought or sold, the FCC deemed the practice of selling specific vanity numbers or numerical sequences illegal. Opponents say this practice hurts the industry because it limits the best use and most practical assignments of specific numbers. Still, the FCC has held fast, cracking down on illegal sales and regulating the assignment of numbers on a first-come, first –served basis from the main database of available numbers maintained by 800 Services Management System (SMS/800).

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Toll Free Globally

In this business, we get a lot of questions about international toll free service. It’s actually a very simple process. With the right toll free service, you can speak to your clients no matter where you are—even if you are traveling outside the United States or Canada. International toll free allows U.S. clients to place toll free calls to any business no matter where it is located. If the business owner or sales representative is traveling, or even living, outside the United States they can still communicate with their clients and continue to expand their business. If a business is set up outside of the U.S. the owner can set up a special international toll free number to attract new American customers and to retain relationships with their existing U.S. customers. Many, but not all, toll free carriers offer international options.