New Temporary Red Cross Toll Free Number

In addition to 1-800-RED CROSS, The Red Cross has set up a another, temporary, toll free phone number for Recovery Assistance and Information.  A message can be left on this line 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Assistance is provided at no cost and is coordinated with governments, insurance, and other organizations to ensure there is no duplication of assistance. Call the new Red Cross toll free Recovery Assistance and Information line at 1-888-953-3463 through August 29.


New Subscribers Snatching Up Last of Good Toll Frees

The question of just how many really good toll free numbers remain available for new subscribers continues to circle throughout the telecommunications world. While we don’t have a precise figure, we can say for certain that the well is running dry. Experts advise that anyone interested in a toll free number should consider getting one immediately. There are an average of between 6,000 and 8,000 new toll free numbers registered daily. With a limited number of numerical possibilities, the finite supply could eventually be depleted.

Telecom Experts Warn of Shortages

With demand of new toll free phone numbers high, but supplies low, telecommunications leaders are worried that this will create problems for United States businesses. The leading toll free service providers are reporting that 1-800 numbers are more in demand than ever before.
Yet, it still appears there are no immediate plans to release the reserved 855 pre-fixes.