We had a question about NANPA–The North American Numbering Plan Administration. So here is what this group does: As administrator of the 800-855 resource, NANPA is responsible for assigning 800-855 numbers and maintaining an accurate record of the entity responsible for each assignment. The 800-855 resource is to be used only for the purpose of accessing public services on the PSTN intended for the deaf, hard of hearing or speech impaired. And, if a service provider goes out of business, or if the assignee no longer provides the services for which the 800-855 number was assigned, the number must be returned to NANPA.


Toll Free Service Preferred Over Standard Land Lines

According to the Federal Communications Commission 1-800, 888, 877 and 866 numbers are increasingly popular for businesses and for personal use. With no plans for the addition of new numbers, the existing supply is quickly depleting.

Experts say that consumers recognize that many of the advantages of 1-800 numbers outweigh standard local phone service. Toll free service is becoming increasingly common with parents wishing to keep in close contact with children and teens. Businesses with a 1-800 number see increases in sales, word of mouth referrals and a decrease in product returns. Standard local phone service does not provide any of these advantages.

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RADA Provides Toll Free Hotline

The Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA) has a toll free number, 1-888-429-5723, aimed at helping farmers obtain valuable agricultural information without being concerned about the cost. The toll free line not only helps to reduce farmers’ communication expenses, but allows for quick access to credible technical information related to their operations. Another way toll free helps society and brings information to a community.