VoIP & Toll Free Service

VoIP converts voices into digital signals that travel over the Internet. However, it has become difficult to perfect these systems and missed connections and interrupted service are a common problem. VoIP allows the calls to be made from a computer, a special phone, or a regular phone. To use VoIP, a broadband, or high speed, connection is required. If the caller is using a regular phone, the connection is converted to a normal telephone connection before it reaches its destination.

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The T.A.C Recommends…

In recent months, members of the Tollfree Advisory Committee at SMSGOV.com have been repeatedly warning of the decline of available toll free phone numbers. To offset the anticipated impact of this scarcity of 1-800 numbers, the Tollfree Advisory Committee strongly recommends the release by the FCC of the reserved toll free area codes in 2010.