Only 800, 888, 877 and 866 Are Valid Toll Free Area Codes

It is important to remember and to spread the word that the only toll free area codes at this time are 800, 888, 877 and 866. (855 pending) We have seen various advertisements–mostly online-encouraging consumers to call “toll free” and then listing a standard number. The customer does not realize and perhaps does not check the phone bill that comes in weeks later. This is an advertising scam that goes on frequently. Only the above four area codes are toll free for the caller.


Toll Free Number Pool Increasingly Scarce

An unprecedented decrease in the availability of 1-800 numbers has business owners and organizations nationwide scrambling to subscribe for toll free service.

With more than 8,000 toll free numbers registered each day, the supply of available numbers is quickly depleting. This scarcity is causing a rush to obtain new toll free numbers or obtain disconnected numbers returned back to the system.

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Establishing a Good 800 Can Be Somewhat Difficult

Toll free service has become a staple of all successful businesses. Demand has grown quickly but the supply of numbers has remained stagnant.

Adding to the problem, insiders say 800 numbers retired back to the main database for someone else to use are scarce. Toll free numbers have such an extreme positive impact on any company, that it is rare for business owners to cancel their numbers. A plea for unused numbers to be released offered a brief reprieve earlier this year. But within weeks, the supply dropped again as thousands of new subscribers invested in toll free service each day.

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