1-866 Toll Free Numbers

1-866 numbers are increasing in popularity. For many subscribers, it is easier to find a suitable 1-866 number these days than a 1-800 number. They are widely recognized as toll free numbers. AT&T introduced 800 numbers in 1967. Two decades later, when most of the 7 million possible numbers were taken, the 888 pre-fix was introduced. It took just two years for that supply to run dry. The FCC then launched 877 in 1998 followed soon after by 866.


Embargo May Be Enacted to Prevent Black Market Dealings

With available 800, 888, 877, and 866 numbers at all all-time low, insiders fear the numbers will run completely dry, hurting business and creating an out-of-control black market.

Experts say that consumers recognize that many of the advantages of 1-800 numbers outweigh standard local phone service. Toll free service is becoming increasingly common with parents wishing to keep in close contact with children and teens. Businesses with a 1-800 number can see almost instant increases in sales, word of mouth referrals, and a decrease in product returns and the FCC reports that toll free service is a “proven” marketing tool.

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