Toll Free Helps Employment Recruiters

With the economy rebounding, corporations and professional employment recruiters are looking to hire en masse. And they are beginning to use toll free phone numbers to attract qualified applicants. For example, has launched an initiative- DialBPOJobs–a voice based call-in service which allows Business Process Outsourcing companies which employ telemarketers or tele-support service operators, to screen applicants. Applicants call a toll free phone number 1-800-3000-3003. This is another way that toll free service is helping both big corporations and people looking for work.


Car Dealerships Profit By Utilizing Toll Free

From Dealer Marketing Magazine: Times have changed and finding the perfect and available toll-free phone number to use in your advertising campaigns is a challenge. Sure, you can get any numeric toll-free from your phone company, but who wants that? You want something unique and, in today’s economic environment, you need something unique to brand your dealership, bring in more leads, and stand out from your competition.

Experts Urge Government to Release New Toll Free Numbers

A reminder of the need for new toll free area codes: more than two-thirds of the available supply of 800, 888, 877, and 866 numbers are taken and millions of new subscribers are registering every year. Business owners who wait much longer to obtain a number might find themselves out of luck. In a competitive market, a toll free number is a valuable commodity for every business. To manage fair distribution of the numbers remaining, federal agencies have cracked down on the illegal sale of 800 numbers and the hoarding, or stockpiling, of numbers and this is helping somewhat. The real solution, many say, is the release of reserved toll free numbers.