CALEA Preserves 1968 Law

In 1994, the United States Congress approved the Communications for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA). The regulations were intended to preserve a wiretapping law put in place in 1968 and allow wiretapping over digital phone networks. CALEA requires telecommunications carriers to modify their equipment, facilities, and services to aid surveillance capabilities. Initially there was some question as to whether this would apply to VoIP—Voice Over Internet Protocol service—but in 2005 the courts ruled that indeed VoIP must comply with CALEA.


Small Companies Adopt New Business Model

A recent article in the Times brought to light the new trend toward mobile offices replacing the traditional office space. Professionals and salespersons are ditching their expensive office space and running their business from their cars. With a laptop, cell phone and a toll free number, they can travel anywhere and stay in touch with clients. No rent, no utility bill. Everything they need is in their vehicle and with a toll free number, customers and clients can reach them anywhere at any time. When they go home, the whole office goes inside with them.