Recession Lingers. Battle it With Toll Free

The federal government this week officially declared the recession over. Based on the public reaction to that statement, many people are not too sure about that. But for however long the recession lingers, there are ways to battle it. Here in the telecommunications industry have long known—that the value of a 1-800 number cannot be underestimated. A toll free number lends credibility to any business, enhances customer service, and increases customer confidence. Studies show that sales can double and word of mouth referrals can increase by as much as 200% making toll free service indispensible for all types of business.


Rationing to Make Obtaining Toll Free Service Very Difficult

In the telecommunications industry, we are once again hearing rumors of toll free rationing. The federal government rationed 800 numbers in 1995 until the new 888 pre-fix was introduced a year later. Now, the supply of available 1-800 numbers is again nearly depleted. This marketing tool has been so successful that the available numbers are decreasing while demand is growing at unprecedented rates. If rationing is implemented, obtaining a new toll free number will be more difficult than ever before.

Toll Free Service Essential In Business World

Toll free service is now a staple of any type of business. Small business owners, following the lead of the CEO’s of nearly half the Fortune 500 companies, are using toll free numbers as a marketing tool. Personal use of toll free numbers has also grown. Estimates indicate that more than two-thirds of the available supply of 800, 888, 877, and 866 numbers are taken. Millions of new subscribers are registering every year.