Three Days Until 855 Opening

Three days until the anticipated 855 area code opening. SMS/GOV remains in constant planning to stage to address the volume of work associated with the 855 numbers.

Insiders Explain Toll Free Shortages

Insiders are calling it the perfect storm. Toll free phone service has hit all all-time high in popularity. The 800 numbers are so successful that once obtained, they are rarely retired. And the federal government has not released reserved numbers intended to alleviate the shortage. Supplies will soon run out.

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States Provide Toll Free Hotlines for Civil Services

Every one of the 50 States have 1-800 hotline phone numbers advertised for citizens to report crisis situations, health concerns, child neglect, environmental problems, and to request constituent assistance. Nationwide, smaller government agencies–counties, towns, and villages—are likewise beginning to offer their residents 1-800 numbers to report concerns and to ask questions.