Be Aware of How To Obtain an 855 Number

As we get closer and closer to the release of the 855 toll free area code numbers, consumers and subscribers must be aware of how to obtain one legally and swiftly. It is very important to rely on trustworthy resources and to carefully consider all the information going around. Some entities are using questionable practices to entice people interested in a new 855 number. Learn all the information and be cautious. Deal with a service provider that has been around for awhile and who knows the industry.


Man Arrested and Fined for FCC Violation

The FCC reports that anyone caught attempting to sell or broker an 800 number faces significant fines.

The attempts to profit from the illegal sale of 800, 888, 877 and 866 numbers are in response to rapidly dwindling supplies. Available toll free numbers are at an all-time low and experts advise anyone interested in obtaining an 800 number should act now. Thousands of toll free numbers are registered each day. With a limited number of possibilities, the finite supply is nearly expended.

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Higher Demand Brings Greater Concerns

Is concern growing about the diminishing stock of 800 numbers? It appears to be. Higher demand for toll free service, especially in this economy, is depleting stocks of good numbers. Studies show that telephone orders can increase up to 60 percent and word of mouth referrals can rise by 200 percent if a toll free number is advertised. These types of statistics bring in thousands of new toll free subscribers every day. And these subscribers want access to a good supply of available numbers.