Match Domain With An 855 Toll Free Number

Countless business owners have wanted to match their domain name to a toll free phone number but the match for 800, 888, 877 or 866 were already taken. But that wont be a problem soon for those who prepare because when the 855 area code numbers are allowed into the system, a whole slew of new custom numbers will become available. The 855 area codes should be released soon and now is the time for subscribers to prepare the perfect custom phone number. When the 855’s are ready, they will be registered quickly so the time to prepare is now.


FCC Fines Man For Attempting To Sell 800 Number

The owner of a valuable 800 toll free number who attempted to illegally sell the number to an undercover agent faces stiff fines according to regulations set by the Federal Communications Commission.

By law, phone numbers cannot be sold or brokered. In 1997, the FCC made the sale of 800 numbers illegal. Because of the short supply of available numbers, complaints were pouring in at that time that price gouging for the popular numbers was becoming a common practice. The FCC acted quickly, prohibiting sales.

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Chain Stores Boost Sales with Toll Free Ordering

Economic stress in late 2008 and 2009 has led to the closings of thousands of retail stores. Nonetheless, many of these companies have stayed profitable through phone and web sales. The majority of sales from catalog and websites are still made through toll free phone calls. And these days, large chain stores like WalMart and Target offer shoppers the convenience of buying over the phone (800-966-6546 WalMart; 800-440-0680, Target). Toll free has helped many retail companies, large and small, stay afloat during this recession.