As We Wait To Hear About 855……

As the industry waits for news on when the 855 toll free area code numbers will be available, we keep getting the same question over….How many existing toll free numbers are obtained each week that passes? There is no absolute figure but best we can figure about 8,000 toll free phone number are taken each day so we figure roughly 50,000 a week. Far less are being returned to the system and no new numbers have been made available. This means that there is a growing demand, but no new stock. Eventually, the stock will be so limited that it will stall the industry. That is why we are advocating for the release of the 855 area codes which will allow millions of additional options for toll free subscribers.


The Duties of the SMS/800

Questions have arisen about the role of the 800 Services Management System. This is how it works: the SMS/800 management team works with toll free service providers and with the owners and operators of the 800 numbers. The SMS/800 team is comprised of a representative of each of the Bell Operating Companies. The team has final authority on all issues that arise at SMS/800.

FCC Asserts Itself

The FCC has been clamping down on violations of Section 251 (e) of the Communications Act of 1934, which prohibits the warehousing and hoarding of numbers. To ensure that toll free numbers are distributed in a fair and equitable way, the FCC is taking a close look at suspect activity. Recently they threatened an $11,000 daily fine to the owners of a California company for improper toll free use. This followed a string of unrelated instances, including at least one owner’s attempt to sell his numbers on eBay.