Toll Free On Billboard Gets Major Attention

Industry big-wigs are getting more and more creative with the use of toll free telephone numbers. Motorists in metropolitan areas are noticing billboards featuring a toll free number that is in fact a hidden movie advertisement for “The Virginity Hit,” a mockumentary about a teenager trying to lose his virginity. Callers to the toll free number are greeted by an automated message from Zack Pearlman, one of the film’s stars. The movie producers appear to be using a temporary toll free phone number to create a media storm and some controversy which will then bring attention to the movie, made by and featuring unknowns. There are always creative ways to use toll free to boost any type of business.


Concern Grows as Stock Diminishes

Is concern growing about the diminishing stock of 800 numbers? It appears to be. Higher demand for toll free service, especially in this economy, is depleting stocks of good numbers. Studies show that telephone orders can increase up to 60 percent and word of mouth referrals can rise by 200 percent if a toll free number is advertised. These types of statistics bring in thousands of new toll free subscribers every day. And these subscribers want access to a good supply of available numbers.

FCC to Require Faster Porting of Telephone Numbers

The Federal Communications Commission voted to mandate landline phone companies to move faster when their subscribers request moving their phone number to a rival service. The commission requires companies to transfer, or “port,” landline phone numbers within one business day. Wireless numbers are typically ported within one day — in some cases within hours — and the FCC has determined that landline companies should move just as quickly.