Keeping Our Readers Posted About 855 Numbers

Each day that passes chips away at the remaining stock of toll free area code telephone numbers–a big commodity in the business world. It is September 2010 and we have been reporting for years on the dwindling supply of toll free numbers as thousands of new subscribers sign on daily for their own 1-800 number. Yet, we still wait to hear official word on the release of millions of new toll free numbers with an 855 area code. It appears to be happening soon-we hope within the next year at the latest. We continue to monitor the situation and keep our readers posted.


Industry Insiders Forsee Rise in Toll Free Service Applications

With 800 numbers bursting in popularity while the supply of available numbers shrinks, insiders say the number of daily applications could double by the end of the year.

For several months now, industry insiders have been advising anyone looking for a toll free number to secure one immediately. The warnings are apparently sinking in– applications for 800 numbers are at an all-time high as subscribers try to obtain a number while there are still some remaining.

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Discussions Focus On Supply Issues

The debate about toll free phone service continues. There has been a lot of discussion about concerns that the supply of available 1-800 numbers is nearly exhausted. There have not been any new toll free numbers introduced in the past nine years and an estimated 8,000 numbers or so are assigned each day. With demand high and supplies low telecommunications leaders are worried that this will create a real economic problem for United States businesses. Others argue that the problem is not too bad, yet. The debate continues.