Dentists Connecting With The Needy Via Toll Free

Minnesota dentists will provide free dental care to needy children next month at nearly 200 locations statewide. The Minnesota Dental Association is sponsoring this unique outreach effort, called Give Kids a Smile, for the 8th consecutive year. Appointments are being scheduled through a toll free phone number. More than 2,500 volunteer dentists and dental professionals will provide the care. Patients can get information at 1-800-543-7709. With all these new, charitable ways of helping connect through toll free service, the new 855 area codes will be a welcome addition to the supplies of available toll free numbers.


One Response

  1. The problem is that dentists neglect children the rest of the 364 days of the year.

    over 80% of dentists refuse Medicaid patients and 130 million Americans lack dental insurance. Untreated tooth decay is a growing US problem. US children have died from the consequences of untreated tooth decay.

    Yes, dentists can’t treat people for free all the time. But organized dentistry blocks any other viable groups from taking care of the people who dentists won’t – keeping dental care unavailable to too many Americans and keeping dentistry a very lucrative monopoly

    Meanwhile dentists choose to treat water supplies instead of low-income people. But science shows that fluoridation has failed to reduce tooth decay and exposes people unnecessarily to fluoride’s adverse effects See FluorideAction.Net/health

    We need to stop fluoridation and use the millions of dollars saved to actually treat dentist neglected children.

    Give Kids A Smile Day is just another PR stunt to make even more money for dentists and the corporations that benefit from tooth decay.

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