Feds Use Toll Free To Expedite Census

In 2010, the United States Federal Government will take the Census. And they will use toll free phone service nationwide to help expedite this process. At any time between now and the end of March, homeowners will find something from the Census Bureau in their mailboxes. The U.S. Census Bureau is conducting its every-10-years count of how many people live in the United States, and where they live. Answering the 10 questions on the census form is mandated by federal law.

Toll Frees in Short Supply

Government officials say something must be done to offset the problem—this means a possible rationing program and a tough crackdown on the burgeoning black market. Attempts to profit from the illegal sale of 800, 888, 877 and 866 numbers are in response to rapidly dwindling supplies. As with any commodity in high demand, a black market for toll free numbers has emerged in the United States, sending regulators scrambling to control the illegal sales of valuable 800 numbers. Read more about this here.

What technology allows law enforcement to monitor phone calls?

Law enforcement agencies are, when warranted, able to tape the specifics of a conversation or to trace the origins of a call without either party on the call being aware of the surveillance. Under the provisions of CALEA, this applies to all telecommunications companies including VoIP—Voice Over Internet Protocol—services.

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