Decades of Toll Free

Toll free service has been available for 40 years, but has skyrocketed in popularity in the past decade. 1-800 numbers were introduced in 1967. By the 1980s, half of all long distance calls were through 800 numbers. A decade later, the FCC added two new pre-fixes, 888 and 877, to address the shortage of available 800 numbers. Then with the supply continuing to drop while demand increased, 866 numbers were added in the year 2000.

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Prepare In Advance For 855 Numbers

On your mark. Get Set. Go! The minute the new 855 toll free area codes are released, the toll free phone service market will instantly change and expand. Be ready. Tens of thousands of prepared subscribers will want to get their perfect new custom toll free phone number for their business or personal use. Our best advice is for customers to get all the information they need now, prepare creative phone numbers in order of preference so that they can cull through the list of available numbers and get the perfect match. The best way to get ready is to contact an established, reputable service provider in advance and find out ways to prepare for the new 855 numbers.

855 Toll Frees Put On Back Burner For Now

With several million new toll free numbers registered each year, the supply of toll free numbers is quickly depleting. The scarcity is causing a rush to obtain new toll free numbers or to register for disconnected numbers returned back to the system. Experts say this type of intense demand can lead to price-gouging and unethical hidden fees. The safest and most cost effective way to secure a toll free number is to contact a reputable service provider such as the one we list on our COMPANIES page at SMSGOV.COM.

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