Super Bowl Ads And Toll Free

Advertisers will prove the effectiveness of toll free phone numbers today more than any other day of the year. Watch the Super Bowl ads and count how many include toll free numbers. You may be surprised. We won’t. We already know how well toll free helps boost brand image and customers.

A Brief Explanation of the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA)

Virtually all common carriers and telecommunications companies are subject to the regulations under CALEA. This means all telephone communications can be monitored as part of legal, warranted, surveillance by law enforcement agencies. However, fiber optic communications are a possible exception for some wiretapping purposes because detecting transmission through the fiber optic cables is very difficult.

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Toll-free Ration Proposal Reconsidered

Rumors are swirling that an amended proposal to ration the remaining supply of toll free phone numbers has been re-introduced to officials at the 800 Service Management Systems (SMS/800). Earlier this year, insiders reported that a similar rationing bill was narrowly defeated.

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