Toll Free In Travel on Fire

Toll free phone service in the travel business has always been big but within the past year, it has become even hotter worldwide as small inns, B&Bs, car service industries and online travel services have all included toll free phone numbers to connect with travelers. With competition for every tourist dollar so high, toll free is helping small businesses compete with the big guys in every aspect of the travel industry.

SMS/800 Releases Spare Numbers at 11PM

Users who are waiting to reserve a number that will soon be returned to spare now know what time a given number will automatically spare. With the implementation of SMS/800 Release 16.0, numbers scheduled for automatic spare are released at 11 pm Central.

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Toll-Free Numbers Face Proposed Rationing

The federal government rationed coveted 800 numbers in 1995 until the new 888 pre-fix was introduced a year later. But the U.S. supply of available 1-800 numbers, dwindling for years, is again nearly depleted. Toll free numbers enable callers to reach businesses, organizations, and non-profits without having to pay for the call. This marketing tool has been so successful that the available 1-800 numbers are decreasing while demand is growing at unprecedented rates.

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