Search For Toll Free Now On A New APP

The operators of 1-800-FREE411, have launched “FREE411 Search,” a new mobile application for the iPhone and Android operating systems. “FREE411 Search” for BlackBerry will be available in the coming weeks. Since the service launched in 2005, 1-800-FREE411 has saved Americans more than one billion dollars in directory assistance fees and offers callers any business, residential, government or toll-free phone listing for free.

Buyer Beware: Toll Free Hoarding

If the FCC discovers illegal hoarding, they immediately send out disconnect and suspend letters to the owner of the numbers. Additionally, the brokering of toll free numbers can result in hefty fines.

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Are You Being Monitored?

At this point, law enforcement officers and intelligence agencies can seek permission from the courts to enact surveillance of telephone and computers as part of an investigation. They are authorized to do so by the Wiretapping Act of 1968, the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act of 1994 (CALEA), and the Patriot Act of 2001. Investigations involving monitoring phone calls must be specifically for solving a criminal case or intended for national security purposes.

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