Toll Free Equals Quality In Consumer’s Minds

Why is a custom toll free phone number right for most businesses? Customers who make transactions over the phone tend to order more merchandise than by internet or mail. Customer returns tend to decrease dramatically (up to 50%) if customer support is provided over the phone. An response rates soar when advertisements include a toll free number. I
Studies show that customers equate toll free numbers with high quality services and products. Any company with a quality toll free number–especially a vanity number that matches their brand, name or image–sends the message that their products and services are of superior quality to those of a competitor.

Toll Free Bailout

Talks on capitial hill today turned to the forecast that the United States’ Biggest 3 telecommunications companies (AT&T, VERIZON, and SPRINT) may be requesting an economic bailout as early as December 15th 2010. Read up on the bailout here.

Mass Number Deactivations Unable to Boost Supply

When an 800 number is disconnected, it eventually becomes available on the 800 Service Management System, (SMS/800) database. These retired numbers are in great demand and the competition to secure released numbers is fierce.

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