Media Attention Over Toll Free

We couldn’t help but notice how much media attention the value of toll free phone service has gotten over the past few months. More and more blogs, business magazines, and web sites are writing about the many ways toll free phone numbers help to expand and promote business, government, charities, entertainment and more. Search news sites and see what we mean. Toll free phone numbers have become so popular that they are considered the gold standard of mainstream telecommunications now.

FCC Begins Crackdown on Illegal Behaviors

Along with hoarding, the outright sale of specific toll free numbers is likewise illegal. Some crafty entrepreneurs have attempted to skirt the regulations by “leasing” or “renting” numbers. But industry insiders say the crackdown on illegal use of toll free numbers is aimed at this practice too.

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Now YOU Can Have a Toll Free

Toll free Numbers can now be used for personal use – not just business use! This means that you don’t need to use collect call numbers which are very expensive. Get more information on this here.