Olympics and Toll Free Phone Numbers

A colleague making plans to go to Vancouver for next week’s Olympic games re-affirmed our belief that toll fee phone numbers are a necessity in every type of business. He tells us that at every turn during the process of making plans for his trip, he called a toll free phone number. Airline tickets. (800 number) Hotel reservations (877 number) Car rental (800 number) Dinner reservations at the hottest sushi place (866 number) Tickets for events (888 number) He never paid for a single call to Vancouver. How can any business run in 2010 without a toll free number?

Get the skinny on toll free service

When choosing toll free service, subscribers typically can select from a menu of services—calls routed to land lines, faxes, emails etc. and a variety of other features that suit their needs and their budget. Once a number is assigned, it stays with the owner permanently. If a company grows or moves locations, the numbers remains, safeguarding the connection to all their customers.

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Embargo Implentation?

More than two-thirds of the available supply of 800, 888, 877, and 866 numbers are taken and millions of new subscribers are registering every year. Business owners who wait much longer to obtain a number might find themselves out of luck. In a competitive market, a toll free number is a valuable commodity for every business. Get the skinny here!