Prepare To Pounce on 855

When the 855 toll free area codes are released (we still do not have a firm date but the buzz continues that it will be within the next year) the market will instantly open up and the rush will be on. Thousands and thousands of subscribers will want to get their perfect new number. Our best advice is for customers to get all the information they need now, line up a list of preferred numbers in order of preference, and wait to pounce. Call an established, reputable service provider now and learn how to prepare for the unleashing of these popular phone numbers.


Is Fiber-Optic Service Really That Much Better?

Some companies exclusively use fiber optic technology. Other toll free number service providers still use the less reliable VoIP, which does not provide the consistent connections of fiber optics. In fact, in some circumstances with VoIP, if the power fails, phone calls cannot be transmitted at all.

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