Two-Fold Crackdown of Illegal Distribution

Stories about people getting caught trying to illegally broker valuable toll free phone numbers are rampant and not only is the FCC and other agencies paying close attention, so are we. There are strict guidelines over the distribution and use of toll free phone numbers. But with supplies so limited, people are desperate for this remarkable marketing tool. And so others prey on the need. But if new toll free area codes were released, supplies would increase and these improper practices would diminish. The way to stop this is two-fold: increased FCC crackdown and the release of 855 numbers.

Man in Hot Water for Selling Toll Free Number

In an unstable economy, small businesses need reliable marketing tools to increase the flow of new and repeat business and compete with bigger, sustained companies. Toll free numbers instantly win customer confidence and give new businesses the jump start they need to grow into sustained companies.

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New Domains!

.TEL Domain Names
November 28, 2008 · Leave a Comment

The latest top level domain extension – .tel – opens for business today with a new twist on the DNS.

Rather than merely act as a memorable address for a website, a .tel domain is designed to serve as a repository for contact data. By listing phone numbers, websites, Google keywords, physical addresses and email addresses in their .tel entry, the registry’s operators have it, companies and individuals can make themselves much easier to get hold of.

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