If Supplies Grow, Hoarding and Brokering Will Cease

As supplies of new toll free phone numbers increase in the future, we will likely see a swift decrease in the improper and illegal transfer of these valuable numbers. Once the 855 numbers become available, approved toll free providers will have an easier time and the toll free black market, as it has been called, will diminish. There will be an ample supply of good custom numbers once the stock is expanded. It is all about demand and supply, as is the case in every business. We hope these new 855 numbers will be released soon. Brokering and hoarding practices need to cease and these new numbers will help.


Buyer Beware: Toll Free Brokering

In 2005, the FCC yanked control of 1-800-Red-Cross from a private California business owner who was leasing the use of the number to local chapters of the Red Cross. When the charity filed a formal complaint, the FCC determined that the brokering was illegal and handed over control of the number to the non-profit.

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Addressing the Toll Free Shortage

With 800 numbers becoming more and more difficult to obtain, the toll free 866 numbers are rising in popularity and fast becoming one of the most requested toll free numbers. Toll free providers have recently been bombarded with calls from business owners needing a toll free number and not being able to find one. This makes things difficult for client and providers alike as the goal is to help out.

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