Toll Free Mandate Begins Today

Don’t forget! Today is the day that all credit agencies must provide their customers with a toll free phone number to provide credit counseling and advice on paying down debt. Consumers, by law, will not pay for this call. It must be a toll free connection, paid for by the credit companies. Look on your next statement or on the credit company website for the number.

Become A Toll Free Provider

The application process consists of three main steps:

1. Fill out and submit the 10 page Service Establishment Form.
2. Send your deposit to the SMS800 Help Desk. (about $4000)
3. Study for and pass the certification test

You can begin the application process by clicking here.

877 Numbers Bullwark for Small Businesses

Recently, insiders say 877 has become a popular choice for small and medium-size businesses. Small business owners’ need reliable marketing tools to increase the flow of new and repeat business and compete with bigger, sustained companies. Toll free numbers instantly win customer confidence, lend give small businesses legitimacy, and increase sales. Reports indicate that a toll free number listed in an ad can increase response by 600 percent and word of mouth referrals rise by 200 percent. With 98 percent of American adults regularly using toll free numbers, businesses securing an 800 number gain a strong competitive edge.

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There has been an influx of complaints recently in 2010 against non approved service providers regarding FRAUD, SCAMS, and Billing Disputes.

Do NOT attempt to acquire toll free service from a company or individual that is NOT a certified service provider. View list to the right of your screen or look for the SMS Authorized Seal.