Going Fast

If the current trend continues, tens of thousands of toll free phone numbers will become unavailable this week. How many remain available? That figure is a moving target. But suffice it to say that there are not nearly enough good toll free numbers to last for very much longer. In a few short years, at this rate, we could be entirely out of toll free phone numbers…and the last few will not exactly be the cream of the crop numbers. With the release of new 855 area code toll free numbers, the problem of the low supply would be eased. Subscribers would be able to get new custom numbers that fit there needs and there would be less compromise. We hope the new 855 numbers are released soon, before the supply gets much lower. With tens of thousands of numbers being taken each week, they are going fast.

Toll Free Blues

Toll free numbers have such an extreme positive impact on any company, that it is rare for business owners to cancel their numbers. A plea for unused numbers to be released offered a brief reprieve earlier this year. Read more here.

Shortage Could Be Relieved

The value of toll free service has become a necessity for any business. The limited availability of new numbers and the limited turnover of used numbers have created an intense and competitive demand for 1-800, 888, 877 and 866 numbers. According to the FCC, popularity of toll free service is increasing for both business and personal use.

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