Faith-Based Toll Free

We have been aware that churches and faith-based organizations have regularly used toll free to connect with their followers. Now there is word of a new nationwide spiritual community using toll free to bring people together. The Bless Me Network, a Chicago based company has launched a service that allows people to call a toll free number and speak with members of the Clergy. This one of a kind service is the first to launch in the United States. The Bless Me Network, a non-profit organization,will provide counseling and spiritual guidance. Customers call 1-888-9-BLESSME (1-888-925-3776) and then choose to be connected to either a priest or an ordained minister.


T.A.C. Bulletin – Decline of Available Toll Free Numbers Continues To Cause Alarm

Last week, a member of the Tollfree Advisory Committee at acknowledged that the scarcity is causing a surge of subscribers scurrying to obtain the available toll free numbers. If supplies deplete much further, small businesses nationwide could see disastrous economic fallout. Toll free numbers are known as an effective marking strategy that increases customer base and boosts revenue.

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Toll Free Budgeting May Deny or Delay New Service Applications

Facing an extreme dearth of 800 numbers, telecommunications experts are now concerned that a toll free number ration could delay new phone service applications. And in the midst of an economic meltdown, U.S. business owners could not imagine worse news.

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