Information on Chile

If you are looking for a loved one in Chile, State Department’s Consular Affairs Bureau has a phone line set up at 1-888-407-4747. You can find further information on its website.

Google has also created a “person finder” to help find individuals in affected area in Chile.

Chili Earthquake Relief Will Need Toll Free Connections

When recent natural disasters strike like the earthquake in Haiti and today’s even stronger quake in Chili, toll free phone numbers become indispensable. Existing toll free numbers are instantly utilized and new numbers are set up to handle coordination, information sharing, and fundraising. Relief efforts rely on toll free numbers in the aftermath of any type of natural disaster disaster. To donate to the victims of Haiti or Chili, call 1-800-RED-CROSS.

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Toll Free Numbers Advantageous for Home Use

Toll free service has been available for 40 years, but has skyrocketed in popularity in the past decade. 1-800 numbers were introduced in 1967. By the 1980s, half of all long distance calls were through 800 numbers. A decade later, the FCC added two new pre-fixes, 888 and 877, to address the shortage of available 800 numbers. Then with the supply continuing to drop while demand increased, 866 numbers were added in the year 2000.

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What’s Missouri’s MO?

Why Did Missouri decide to fight against the government for their intervening ways? This is interesting – read more about it here.